This is a German version of table tennis and it can only be played with the player’s head

A new sport was created in 2006 when René Wegner discovered that table tennis can be played with his head.

The sport later was named Headis, as taken from the word ‘head’ and ‘tennis’. It is essentially table tennis that is played with your head.

This unique game requires its players to squat with their hands stayed on the table while using only their head to spin or slam the ball back to their opponent across the net

This game may sound peculiar in other parts of the world but in Wegner’s native country, Germany, Headis is enjoying a growing popularity.

It is now played in the country’s universities.

Wegner, the creator and founder of the game said that he first created the sport to promote unity among its players and to make it as a leisure game that does not require one to be really competitive

However as the Headis community starts to grow larger, it seems that the sport has brought out the players’ inner competitive side when the game gets more intense

Nevertheless, the sport is gaining new fame as one of the top sports to play with their friends and on primary school’s playground in Germany

Watch how to play Headis in this video here

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